I was going to post our state/local contacts today.  I was going to share wise words from a great group about how to take care of yourself while working hard at activism.  These will have to wait.  Instead, today – like just about every day in the last thirteen days – my perspective, my thoughts, my attention, have all been “grabbed” by the horrendous behavior of the person who is the president, and his team.  I struggle to wrap my head around all the egregious and malevolent steps they seem to delight in taking.  I can barely keep up with the egotistical ramblings that he utters.  I can only do what I can do, take in and respond to one or several things at a time… and pray that between all of us responding in kind, we can address this bully and redress these abuses of power that really have only just begun.  Share the links here with Congress, with friends and family, with anyone who needs to see and hear what is really at risk here.

At the moment one of my most urgent concerns is proposed removal of white supremacists from ‘watch lists.’  These bigots have killed too many American citizens, and have too many additional plans, to be ignored by the new personnel leading our national security efforts.  This horrifies me, and makes it clear that we MUST support Representative Stephanie Murphy‘s bill to require the National Security Council to function the way it was intended.  Not be infiltrated by a human from the gang who thinks white power is the American way.  Not in our name.  More to come on this.

Also tonight, I pray for conversion of at least one more republican senator who will realize Betsy DeVos is not qualified to be our Secretary of Education.  In a cabinet full of people  questionably credentialed for their assigned roles, she would be a particularly square peg in a complex and multifaceted hole… Education is complicated.  The Secretary of Education has to comprehend diverse issues confronting schools, teachers, students, administrators, parents, and all the stakeholders in our public education system.  DeVos has not attended or worked in or sent any family member to a public school in America.  She left a wake of damage in Detroit with her advocacy of unaccountable charter schools.  How is this person the best champion for public schools in America?  Yet, ‘undecided’ republican senators are peeling over to the yes column.  It seems to me a case of choosing party over country.  Or, in this case, party over children and educators.  DeVos has built her political persona, such as it is, on exclusionary christian supremacy, including an aggressive insistence that parents need the choice to opt out of public education.  Even choice advocates know this must be one of many notions that work together.  Not every family is located in a place or a circumstance in which they can reasonably opt out.  We need a Secretary of Education who understands that “school choice” needs to be one tool, not a sole weapon.

I believe that at 6:30am Friday 02/03/17, there is a vote to advance her nomination and then her larger confirmation vote is scheduled for either Monday 02/06 or Tuesday 02/07.  Even if your Senators, like ours, have declared themselves in favor of this unqualified nominee, please call them.  Please register your opposition to Betsy DeVos.  Ask our Senators to stand up for our children.  Our nation’s future depends in many ways on our children.  Our children depend on us for their education.  We must not fail them.