Each new moon offers an opportunity to assess what has just happened, and plan for what lies ahead. We come together to bear witness & take action, to comfort and encourage one another. Now more than ever, we want and need each other’s insights, support, perspectives, and company, to make a path through all that is occurring in our world and in our (lu)nation that we love.  We connect to touch base and recharge together.

This space is intended to serve as a collection of helpful links, tips, background, updates, reminders and inspiration, to keep us all pointed forward and looking toward a future that we co-create, in which we all remember that we as Americans, and as human beings on this planet, have more in common with each other than our current leadership seems to understand.

If anything here helps to restore your motivation, gear you up with tools and truths to share with friends and family, gird you with facts and background in preparation for visits and conversations with legislators, and remind you why we #resist, so be it and thank heaven.  Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

We each bloom where we are planted.  We are in the North Carolina Piedmont, resisting when we must and expressing our needs to government officials at our local, state, and federal levels.  We do not always have a like-minded audience, yet their job is to represent us nonetheless, hence we speak.  Here’s hoping that what our group is doing helps your group also find effective and positive actions to bring about change and preserve our (lu)nation’s democracy.

Wishing everyone blessings and peace.