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We The People

Our public servants work for us. We need to tell them clearly what we want and what we expect - if they want to keep their jobs. Here's how to reach ours.

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101 Damnations

Marking some of the abnormal, perilous actions of the last 101 days... because these behaviors cannot be normalized.

Beware the Players

Lots of tweets, and responses to tweets, not to mention the ebb and flow of our daily lives, distract us from keeping close watch on actions and policy pronouncements of the current administration. ¬†An essential part of our role as... Continue Reading →

Strange Bedfellows

When we agree on an end goal in politics, we may need to take yes for an answer and resist misguided attempts to micromanage the means.


Our transgender sisters and brothers are experiencing real discrimination. We who are less vulnerable (cisgender) must speak out against the harm and unfairness. Privilege requires us to use our voice.

Mercy & Health Care

Lawmakers who profess to believe in mercy must reject Paul Ryan's new (#AHCA) health care proposal.

Unethical “editing” by Phil Berger

Inexcusable manipulation and deception by our state Senate leader must not be excused by his colleagues.

When is it Libel?

This administration must face consequences for their lies.

Tillis on the line?

Senator Tillis offered a "Tele Town Hall" with an hour's notice, for people to "listen in" as he answers questions he picks from those emailed in online. Not exactly constituent services.

52 years later, there’s still work to do.

To honor those who suffered and struggled for voting rights, we all need to continue fighting.

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