Each new moon brings an opportunity to take a breath, consider what has gone before, and coordinate for what lies ahead.
Our American government is in a time of wild and unsettling change, and we feel we must rise to the occasion as citizens, to participate in our democracy and make our voices heard.

This is not a partisan resistance.  Although one of our major political parties’ leadership seem to be endorsing the un-democratic actions we are all witnessing, it is not their party itself that we seek to resist.  Independent/Unaffiliated Americans, as well as Americans of any party affiliation, can find common ground in seeking to defend the integrity of our governance and restore the reputation of our highest national ideals.

Using the new moon as a steady meeting point and a fulcrum for our actions, we hope to prove worthy of our (lu)nation that we love.

LUNATION: New Moon Resistance
“ We may wax and we may wane – we are always here.”

Strength in Numbers
We find support and encouragement in sharing our cares and our joys on this journey.
Every great story on the planet happened when someone decided not to give up, but to keep on going no matter what…” – Spryte Loriano

Thank you for your interest.
Do all you can.

Keep the faith.