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When is it Libel?

This administration must face consequences for their lies.

Tillis on the line?

Senator Tillis offered a "Tele Town Hall" with an hour's notice, for people to "listen in" as he answers questions he picks from those emailed in online. Not exactly constituent services.

52 years later, there’s still work to do.

To honor those who suffered and struggled for voting rights, we all need to continue fighting.

Environmental Sabotage

Our current government's budget proposals are dangerous and hypocritical.


We need to raise our voices for those who cannot raise their own, against unconstitutional xenophobia.

County Commission

Local government has multiple layers, each impacting us uniquely. Keep in touch with each level of government in our community.

We hold these truths…

Why has a school board voted in 2017 to permit the confederate flag on our North Carolina school campuses?

City Council

Open lines of communication to local government, as well as Washington lawmakers, help citizens keep in touch with our democracy.

Bingo Cards

A card game to distract and maybe help us keep our cool during this week's Joint Session address.

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