LUNATION: New Moon Resistance
Strength In Numbers
“We may wax and we may wane – we are always here.”

There are many fronts to this resistance, and the administration is moving fast – across a dizzying range of agencies and subjects. Forming affinity groups/sub-teams that focus on special topics may help us consolidate and stay on task, covering as many bases between us as we can.

There are many ways to wage this resistance: calling legislators, visiting legislators’ offices, sending emails, making social media contacts, tracking news stories, posting updates, writing ‘talking point’ scripts, monitoring legislators’ public events, drafting letters to the editor, activating phone trees, organizing public actions, recruiting electoral candidates, campaign work, etc.  And there are more we have not yet imagined.  Let’s stretch ourselves AND let’s also play to our own strengths to develop roles we can sustain.

Meeting on every new moon gives us an opportunity to flow with nature’s own rhythms as we mark our progress and map our plans.  Come when you can.  Can you also commit to additional actions such as visits to legislators’ offices / posting online updates / calling and emailing legislators / maintaining contacts with other area groups / etc.  What can you realistically do?  Setting realistic commitments will let us all do all that we can, and keep at it.

Here are the new moons for the first part of 2017:
01/27/17 Friday
02/26/17 Sunday
03/27/17 Monday
04/26/17 Wednesday
05/25/17 Thursday
06/23/17 Friday
07/23/17 Sunday