Think globally, act locally.

It used to feel like a mantra to sustain recycling efforts, tree planting, and reduced use of plastic bags.  Now it feels like a lifeline.  We think globally and find allegiance with people around the country and the world who appreciate that we must restore empathy, order, and justice in order to preserve our democracy.  We act locally to ask our own lawmakers what role they will play as our nation witnesses the nascent days of what may be the most incompetent and reckless and destructive American administration we have ever seen.

Acting locally also means interacting with our own local governments.  Attend city council and county commission meetings.  Learn what our community leaders intend to do about emboldened racists, intimidated immigrant populations, and increased hate crimes.  Learn how our schools and hospitals and other institutions are being impacted by new rules and new priorities coming from their federal partners.  Listen and watch.  Think before speaking.  Limit assumptions and preconceived notions.  Local government officials have been working hard, often without getting much attention, for years.  Those of us new to participating on this level can approach them with respect and appreciation.  It’s bound to be the best way to open the relationship.  If there are concerns to express and questions to ask, bring them up thoughtfully, gradually, and courteously.

Our Statesville City Council holds closed “Pre-Agenda” sessions, before their Council meetings that citizens may attend.  City Council meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Mondays at 7pm  in the Council Chambers of the City Hall building located at 227 S. Center Street.

Although the City of Statesville website has not updated the Council meetings schedule for 2017, there are agendas posted for 2017 meetings that have been held.  News items on the Statesville Free News site (  Check the City of Statesville website for updates and confirmation of coming meetings.  It looks like Monday, March 6th will be our next City Council meeting, and we will post confirmation here once we have it.

Keep the faith and Keep in touch.