It will be… interesting… to hear how the current president constructs his address to the House and Senate and American people this Tuesday.  This is not a campaign rally.  This is not a speech before a political monolith of united special interests.  This is an address to everyone, including the 65,844,610 Americans who voted in 2016 for Hillary Clinton (48.20% of the electorate; 2,864,974 more voters than the 46.10% of Americans who voted for him), the 7,804,213 Americans (5.70%) who voted for another presidential candidate, and the 92,671,979 Americans (approximately 40% of eligible American voters) who did not vote in the 2016 presidential election.  It is a time for unity.  It is a time for encouragement, for vision, for leadership.  It would be a great time to avoid blaming, bragging, and bullying.

We are not optimistic.  Recent speeches and press events have been very hard to listen to, between the narcissism and the media bashing and the general incoherence.  In preparing for this coming address to a joint session of Congress, we made some ‘BINGO’ cards to help diffuse the pressure.  We plan to use them to help distract us from whatever condescending or combative tone may dominate the address.  We will be listening, because we feel we should.  But we will be multi-tasking, because we feel we must.

Here are three versions of a Joint Sessions ‘BINGO’ card, in case you feel the same.

jointsessionbingocards  (Click for .pdf)

Keep the faith.  Keep in touch.