My Senator phone calls today were to -again- ask our two senators to please rethink their position and vote against Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education.  I feel so strongly about this.  Until and unless they approve this unqualified zealot, I will keep hope alive and keep dialing.

After I had made today’s calls, I found something I’d been looking for: the amount each of our Senators has received from the DeVos family.  Yikes.

Senator Burr: $43,200.
I read that, and I thought oh – well, that’s why he was so determined so early to back this woman.  It’s not near the top of the list, and I wonder if we could crowd-fund enough to counter this pressure.

I did not see Senator Tillis on the list.  And then I did, and my blood ran cold.

Senator Tillis: $70,200.
Tillis is tied for ‘second’ on the list.  Up until late this past week, the office staff were stating that Senator Tillis was undecided.  I wonder.  And now I worry.  Even more.

At the end of the day, our Senators have received $113,400. from the DeVos family.  We’d better make a lot of calls.