Yesterday marked the end of the “first 100 days” of the current administration.  Covering this White House seems to tempt many to normalize the abnormal behaviors we have seen, to stretch metaphors and strain analogies as though this administration can reasonably be compared with those that have come before it.  Instead of trying to place their erratic, unethical, and perilous actions and words into a rational context, we mark here one hundred and one ways we are appalled by the team granted control of our executive branch by 62,979,636 voters with a slew of foreign propaganda beneath their wings.  Some items are egregious quotes, others are names of divisive or offensive administration colleagues and collaborators, still others are important topics the current president has either exacerbated or ignored.  And it’s only a partial list.  With apologies to Cruella DeVil, and in no particular order, here are 101 damnations…

101. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions

100. Scott Pruitt

99. Betsy DeVos

98. Sonny Perdue

97. Ben Carson

96. Tom Price

95. Mike Flynn

94. A press secretary who cannot speak in complete sentences.  Come on, man.

93. Don McGahn

92. Shadow liaison networks

91. Disregard for international treaty obligations

90. Pride in ‘unpredictability’ which unsettles our allies and empowers our adversaries.

89. Accepting the support of racist organizations without reservation or objection, and soliciting their Pavlovian loyalty with dog-whistle rhetoric.

88. Empowerment of white supremacists and bigots across our country.

87. Calling the media an opposition party.  UNACCEPTABLE in a democracy.

86. Principals’ Committee of the NSC

85. Easter Egg Hunt (part 1); Easter Egg Hunt (part 2)

84. Old Post Office Hotel

83. Campaign-style rallies by a sitting president who lost the popular vote and ought instead to reach across aisles and cultural divides to convince us he will strive to serve as president of all the United States’ citizens.

82. Paul Manafort

81. Carter Page

80. Air pollution

79. Water pollution

78. Colony Collapse Disorder

77. Neonicotinoids

76. Climate change

75. Science denial

74. KellyAnne Conway (good for a few spots on our list, probably…)

73. Alternative facts

72. Fake news

71. Failure to even try connecting with non-base voters.

70. Great Lakes Restoration funding cuts in the proposed EPA budget.

69. Chesapeake Bay Recovery funding cuts in the proposed EPA budget.

68. Puget Sound Recovery funding cuts in the proposed EPA budget.

67. Alaska Native Infrastructure funding cuts in the proposed EPA budget.

66. Environmental Justice

65. Basic science research

64. Environmental education

63. Intolerant, unsustainable, unjust, and unconstitutional immigration policies.

62. Public education

61. Community Colleges

60. Student loans & student debt

59. Safety of our military

58. International trade

57. NATO

56. “Nobody knew health care could be so complicated.”

55. Pre-existing conditions

54. Minimum essential coverage

53. Mental health

52. Addiction care

51. Petulant insistence on rolling back logical regulations just because the previous administrations proposed and passed them: is it really in our national interest to pollute streams with impunity? to put handguns into the hands of our mentally ill without asking any questions? to shoot hibernating bears in their dens?

50. In this environment, how can we convince students and young people that truth and ethics matter?

49. Gold curtains and gold furnishings all over the White House.

48. Steven Mnuchin

47. Steven Miller

46. Omarosa Manigault


44. Acting as though signing an executive order = major legislative accomplishment.

43. Failing to even sign his own executive order… it seems a signing ceremony really is just for show in this cowardly new world…

42. Wilbur Ross

41. State department proposed budget cuts; the current Defense Secretary said in 2013 “If you don’t fully find the State Department, then I need to buy more ammunition…”

40. Firing every member of the diplomatic corps around the globe on January 20, without any delay exemptions for public servants with high school seniors or other school aged children – while his own current wife refuses accommodations at the People’s House and defers her role as First Lady in order for her eleven year old son to finish his own school year without disruption.

39. Exorbitant expenses to fund Secret Service protections for a second residence in New York that the current first family insists on maintaining.

38. Taxpayer funding for secret service protections for the two eldest sons of the current president, while they travel on business for the president’s business… inconceivable.

37. In addition to taxpayers spending millions of dollars for secret service protection when the current president spends time (SO MUCH TIME) at his own resort property in Florida, much of this money is actually being paid to him; one small example: we the people have so far paid at least $35,000 to the president’s own business to rent golf carts for secret service to follow him around on his own golf courses.

36. Refusal to adhere to guidelines set out by the Office of Governmental Ethics.

35. Refusal to acknowledge the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution which he is sworn to defend and protect.

34. Our president’s ignorance of the Constitution and basic structures of our Government.

33. Our president’s failure to realize that the executive branch is one of three branches of our American democratic government.

32. Our president’s ignorance of the depths of his own ignorance (“I thought it would be easier”).

31. Refusal to admit that an IRS audit does not prevent anyone from releasing their tax records.

30. Refusal of the current president to release his own tax returns.

29. Such a long history of pathological lying by our current commander in chief.

28. Making an unelected and unqualified son-in-law into an advisor with a portfolio far beyond his expertise.

27. The unethical and illegal failure of this appointed (annointed?) son-in-law to disclose his own foreign interactions.

26. Refusal to appoint the under secretaries and government staff that would make our government function and enable our allies adequate communication with our nation.

25. Relations with Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Australia and all of our allies.

24. Elevating his wholly unprepared daughter to international policy advisor, which results only in embarrassing her, the people with whom she speaks, and our nation.

23. Insistence on ‘extreme vetting’ for Syrian refugees, while they cannot vet their own cabinet nominees.

22. Global nuclear proliferation

21. Hosting international leaders on the terrace of a non-secure resort owned by the first family; exposing the nuclear football and foreign leaders to social media selfies with paying resort members.

20. Military actions by our commander in chief without consulting Congress.

19. twitter

18. Our current president’s obsession with belittling major media outlets.

17. White House Correspondents’ Dinner: ok, don’t go if you cannot take a joke – and hold a campaign rally while you are a sitting president if that’s all you can manage – and use the opportunity to be spiteful and disrespectful toward all but your own base – but why feel the need to ban every member of the entire administration from attending?

16. Women’s rights

15. Women’s health

14. Planned Parenthood

13. golf

12. Elevation of a completely unqualified and untrained daughter to engage in international relations on our nation’s behalf, while she operates international businesses bearing the family name.

11. Pretense that extensive – and undisclosed – international family business ties do not present a conflict of interest for the current first family.

10. Release of a tax reform proposal that contained so few details as to be absolutely insulting, especially coming from an executive who refuses to release enough of his own financial information (tax returns!) for the Congress or the American people to know how the changes would affect him and his family.

9. Talk of a “winter White House” that morphed into talk of a “southern White House.”  There is a single White House.  The American people pay with our taxes to provide a residence to the president.  If it’s not a home in which you wish to live, don’t run for the office.

8. The first daughter’s pretense that she has any authority to speak as a feminist.

7 and a half. The strange and sad ‘optimism’ that makes people say the current president’s daughter and son-in-law are “alright,” which these same people hold up as though it somehow renders the administration’s xenophobia and misogyny, incompetence and greed-driven shortsightedness less toxic? It does not.

7. Promotion of fast food, and soda consumption (the infamous ‘Coke button,’ etc.), especially in contrast to the previous White House which made significant improvements in children’s health and school lunches by emphasizing whole foods, exercise, and wellness.

6. Reince Priebus (See #5)

5. Paul Ryan and the capitulation of the entire Republican cadre of Representatives and Senators.  We do not blame someone like Betsy DeVos for her perspectives; she has for years been exactly who she is and has for years been aiming to deconstruct American public education.  Tom Price actually thinks it is okay for him to gain financially from the regulations that he manipulates from within the government.  Scott Pruitt has genuinely and transparently opposed the existential and literal legitimacy of the Environmental Protection Agency.  The fault for these people’s current positions in our nation’s government lies squarely on the shoulders of the lawmakers who put party over country to endorse their nominations.

4. Mike Pence

3. Steve Bannon

2. The Plaza.  New Yorkers have always known exactly who this family is.

1. Intolerable tolerance of Russian interference in our election process.

This is not simply a president with whom we disagree on policy issues.  He does not have enough of a moral compass, let alone a coherent intellectual framework, for anyone to ‘disagree’ on policy issues with him.  Political observers need to stop pretending that he does.  This is an administration bent on deconstructing our democracy, dividing our citizenry, and exploiting both domestic & international resources for their own personal gain.  Our government, our nation, and our planet may literally not survive many more hundreds of days with these people on duty.  

Stay awake.  Keep in touch.