Iredell County has a Board of Commissioners responsible for governing the county.  This means, in part, that the Board directs county services, formulates county policy, and appoints agency/board members to serve the county in several capacities.  For instance, the commissioners appoint a County Manager to direct the county’s business, including development and implementation of the county budget.

Our Iredell County Board of Commissioners holds ‘Regular Meetings’ open to the public on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month at 7pm, following their closed ‘Pre-Agenda Sessions’ in the South Wing Conference Room at 5pm the same nights.  The regular meetings are held in the Commissioners’ Meeting Room at 200 South Center Street.  For those unable to attend in person, the Commission also streams and archives their regular meetings.

The Iredell Board of Commissioners posts the agenda for upcoming meetings.  For instance, planned issues and speakers for the 03/07/17 meeting are posted currently.

If there is an issue about which you wish to speak at an Iredell County Commissioners’ meeting, this is an option at the second monthly meeting (3rd Tuesdays), and there are guidelines available to help you prepare.  Thirty minutes are allocated to public comment, and each speaker has up to three minutes.  A sign-up sheet is available beginning at 6:30pm, outside the Commissioners’ Meeting Room.  Citizens may also leave a copy of written remarks and supporting documents with the Clerk to the Board for the commissioners to review.

Courtesy, preparation, diligence and respect can help us listen effectively and learn clearly how the Commission impacts our lives, and how it fits in with other levels of local government, such as our Statesville City Council.

Our next open Commissioners’ meeting is Tuesday, March 7 at 7pm, in the Commissioners’ Meeting Room at 200 South Center Street.  

Since it is the first meeting of the month, the public is not invited to speak; however, we may attend to observe the process.  See you there!

Think globally, Act locally.  Keep the faith.