Representative Ted Budd (R-NC 13th) has a local office in Advance.

We will visit there tomorrow, under the coordination of several NAACP chapters including our own Statesville Branch NAACP, as part of a coordinated effort to hold our elected officials accountable.

If you are interested in attending, please meet in the parking lot of the Iredell County Public Library at 601 North Tradd Street in Statesville at 3:15pm, to carpool.  The rally in Advance is at 4pm, and is expected to last approximately 45 minutes.

If you are a resident of the 13th district of North Carolina, please come to show solidarity and let Representative Budd know what issues are most important to you.

If you live in a different district, contact your own NAACP local unit and other citizen organizations, to find out when and where political actions are available to you.  If there are no visits or rallies scheduled, make a plan and build the event yourselves.  Our lawmakers need to keep hearing from us, so they understand what matters most to us.

Keep calling your Representatives and Senators.
Every day.