We have to help each other through this turmoil.  We strive to remain focused on what is happening to and within our government.  We maintain and grow our connections with fellow citizens here at home and around the world.  Let us remember that the world needs us to lead with love, now more than ever.

  • source information carefully
  • share reliable sources widely
  • support one another
  • stay awake
  • trust & take care of ourselves

Here are some of our favorite (online-print) information sources these days; some are more mainstream and traditional than others – some may seem surprising.  Explore them, share them, and share your own favorites.  See also “Alt/Rogue” post to find information on twitter from staff within government agencies.

By cultivating a collection of trusted authentic news sources, we guard against falling prey to the kind of false outlets that prey on the left just as they do on the right.  Please do not ever share a story on your social media without verifying it on a reliable source.  And when you find it on the reliable source, share that – not the initial headline from whatever facade of a news agency might have first blasted it into your awareness via a popup screen.  Another tip: when you find writers you like, follow them individually on social media and you will remain current on their stories as they break in future.

The New Yorker / Outstanding coverage, and some of the smartest writing around.  Their articles can be long, which means they can weave narratives that truly inform.  Such a worthy publication in which to invest our time, and our subscription dollars.

Washington Post / Our government’s local paper is home to a wide collection of incredibly talented journalists in a unique position to deliver vital and timely investigations as well as thorough reviews of current affairs, and they rarely disappoint.

New York Times / The grey lady is always a go-to for me.  They’ve had ups and downs, yet remain a benchmark and an essential voice in American journalism, now and hopefully for an awfully long time to come.

Teen Vogue / Surprised?  These guys have been out in front lately on compelling news and editorial content.  Finding brave, insightful journalism here brings hope because these voices will shape our future.
(If you missed it, check out Teen Vogue editor Elaine Welteroth and digital editorial director Phillip Picardi appearing on Trevor Noah’s Daily Show.)

the Hill / Smart, brief, current.  Great qualities in a group reporting on Congressional activity.  This is the only app I let push notifications on my phone and am never sorry to get their updates.

business insider / Often a source of calm, measured reporting that seems to provide context for stories other outlets are treating more histrionically.  Yet to detect a bias.

Newsweek / This periodical has revived its role in American journalism, and taken the lead on several crucial revelations and investigations over the last few months.  They have earned back our trust, and we are rooting for them to remain part of the conversation.

the guardian / the US edition of this British paper brings thoughtful and thorough coverage, with an international viewpoint which is so important for us to understand.

Los Angeles Times / Another anchor in American press coverage.  Provides trustworthy and thorough journalism, through a different lens from the Eastern players.  It is often worth seeking out the latimes’ take on news items.

Union of Concerned Scientists / The UCS blog provides a thoughtful window into national developments, from a perspective of science: health, technology, education, and more.  A much needed understanding of the news and its impacts on our wellness and our future.

Forbes / This is stepping outside the echo chamber for us, to walk in another pair of shoes from time to time, seek out and consider perspectives outside our usual beaten path of viewing the news.  It can be heartening to find points of accord where we may not expect them.  Thinking people can all agree that this administration is out of bounds.

Huffington Post / Provides a blend of reporting and opinion, hosting several bright and creative regular journalists and seems to be a hotspot for creative guest editorials.  Reliable and unapologetic.

Sojourners / A religious take on the news.  Thinking people really can agree on what is ethical.  Religious people of integrity agree on what is right behavior.  Strength in numbers.  From their website, Sojourners’ mission: “The mission of Sojourners is to articulate the biblical call to social justice, to inspire hope and build a movement to transform individuals, communities, the church, and the world.”

Time / A classic.  New again in some ways, with a history of legitimate journalism, which makes it an intriguing complement to daily newspapers and newer online sources.

When it comes to choosing television, here are the ones we watch the most:

Daily Show /  Trevor Noah is stepping up and the writing staff is maintaining a high level.  We are grateful to still have this evening wrap-up to parody all the surreal goings-on which we are all trying to understand and respond to ourselves.


To The Contrary / A news analysis program by, for, and about women.  All women.  Always.  Host Bonnie Erbe gathers a panel of two left leaning and two right leaning female experts to discuss contemporary issues, and Erbe also provides in-depth background features on selected topics.  Thirty minutes you will never regret spending.

Rachel Maddow / Very little we can say here, other than TRMS (The Rachel Maddow Show) is important.  Really, really important.  We are so grateful for this gem.

Joy Reid / Great vision and clear reporting combine to bring a fresh take on stories you thought you understood, plus delivers interviews conducted the way you wish everyone had the courage to do.

BBC America / Impeccable journalistic standards and an international perspective make the BBC must-see t.v. for Americans following the world’s take on events.

CBS Sunday Morning / Profiles of intriguing contemporary and historical personalities, esoteric essays, explorations of things you didn’t even realize intrigued you and now they’ve given you a whole new way of seeing – this is refreshing and restorative viewing.

Lester Holt / When it comes to network evening news, Lester Holt on NBC presents a blend of specific national and international news with general interest stories we can rely on to restore a sense of our shared humanity.

There are also groups that can help us find each other and work together:

NAACP / Find your local chapter, pay your dues, and start finding out how you can help.  It is high time that we all pull together.

Indivisible / In addition to providing ‘the guide,’ Indivisible also helps locate local groups to achieve strength in numbers & make common cause with neighbors.  In our area so far, there are groups organizing in Iredell County, Lake Norman, Alexander County, Hickory, Salisbury, and more.  It’s inspiring to look at the map and find each other.

Swing Left / Dedicated to restoring shared government by delivering House seats to the Democrats in coming election cycles.  They plan to aim interested participants to the nearest ‘swing’ district in which activism could make a meaningful difference.

Sister District / Also aimed at facilitating share government, this group will be working to overcome gerrymandering by pairing people in ‘safe’/fixed districts with other districts that can use their help.

PFLAG / Find a chapter near you.  Founded in 1972, “PFLAG is the extended family of the LGBTQ community. We’re made up of LGBTQ individuals, family members and allies. Because together, we’re stronger.”

Keep up with the news as much as you can; take breaks whenever you must.  
Engage in person as well as online.  
Match your screen time with sky time: walk outside and look up!
Care for your body and soul.  This may be along haul, and we are all needed.