One of my favorite things is a phenomenon on twitter, in which personnel from federal agencies are posting REAL information.*  These are public servants stepping up and truly serving the public, and I salute them gratefully.

The new administration immediately set a tone of being controlling – not to say being in control, per se.  Being controlling.  Which is different.  One of the many things they are trying to control is information.  They have removed chunks of government websites.  They have banned data releases.  They have ordered agencies to stop communicating with both the press and the Congress.  No press releases.  No social media.  No blogs, no nothing.  At the same time, the administration tells demonstrable, obvious lies.  When liars set themselves up as gatekeepers of information, and seem to especially target scientific data, we need alternative sources. And we have them!

In response to these attempts to silence our own agencies and prevent our own government workers from communicating with us, people at these agencies have been bold and creative.  While “official” social media have been banned for groups such as the EPA, Interior department, and more, “alternative” twitter feeds have begun – run on personal time by people in possession of facts they believe the public has a right and a need to know.  All of this is a major part of #whywemarch as scientists.

Here are some that I follow – and highly recommend:
(There are even more… these are the ones with which I am familiar.)

*The notion that we need to emphasize and clarify that the information is REAL, indicates exactly why we need it.