How can we make our voices heard on the many subjects emerging in our government?
Our politicians work for us, and we have to make them aware of how we feel.
Contact all our DC politicans – pick one issue each day , and call both local and
DC office for each one to express your concerns.  Be brief, be courteous, and be clear.

  • TIP: Enter all these numbers into your phone with a uniform prefix (i.e. GovtSenBurr, GovtSenTillis, GovRepBudd) so it’s easy to call them in sequence every day.
  • Periodically, check their websites and committee pages to keep up with their public statements, current top issues, and events schedules.

Piedmont & DC contacts for North Carolina’s current Congressional delegation:

Senator Richard Burr
Winston-Salem (800)685-8916 or (336)631-5125
2000 West First Street Suite 508 27104
Washington (202)224-3154
217 Russell Senate Office Building 20510
Committees: Select Committee on Intelligence (Chair); Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions; Finance
twitter handle: @SenatorBurr
facebook name: Senator Richard Burr

Senator Thom Tillis
High Point (336)885-0685
1840 Eastchester Drive Suite 200 27265
Charlotte (704)509-9087
9300 Harris Corners Pkwy Suite 170 28269
Washington (202)224-6342
185 Dirksen Senate Office Building 20510
Committees: Armed Services; Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs; Judiciary; Veterans’ Affairs; Special Committee on Aging
twitter handle: @SenThomTillis
facebook name: Senator Thom Tillis

Congressman Ted Budd (This district is likely to be redrawn again soon.)
Mooresville No phone listed
116 Morlake Drive Suite 101A 28118
Advance No phone listed
128 Peachtree Lane Suite A 27006
Washington (202)225-4531
118 Cannon House Office Building 20515
Committee: Financial Services (Subcommittees: Housing & Insurance, Terrorism & Illicit Finance, Capital Markets, Securities & Investment)
twitter handle: @RepTedBudd
facebook name: Congressman Ted Budd